Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate

Gibraltar remains a good jurisdiction in which to set up your company to invest in overseas property, as both rental income earned when letting the property and any capital gain made on it will not be subject to tax in Gibraltar, although the income and gains may still be subject to tax in the jurisdiction in which the property is located.

We have a number of property clients within our client portfolio, ranging from large, sophisticated property groups that invest in both commercial and residential property across Europe, to much smaller owner managed companies that rent out a single property in Gibraltar. Each client is provided with a tailored service to suit their needs, and we can rely on the support of real estate specialists across the BDO network, both in the United Kingdom and further afield.


Gibraltar continues to enjoy growth in the construction industry, as the physical infrastructure of the jurisdiction changes to keep up with demands arising through economic growth.

The Government continues to invest in the development of housing and other projects around the community. Combined with private sector investment in relation to both residential and commercial property, there has been a notable increase in the growth of the construction sector over the last few years.

We provide a personal service to our construction clients, both multinationals and local companies, providing them with a complete package which includes audit, tax planning and assistance with local tax compliance, including sub-contractor and payroll matters. This allows senior managers to focus on the forward looking aspects of their business.